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Welcome to the August edition of G-Up - the monthly electronic magazine from GearUp. Thanks for the great response to our launch issue and for all your messages of encouragement. For the second edition of G-Up we've created a special pictorial edition to celebrate Aberdare Park Road Races.

Having attended the Aberdare Park Road Races for the last couple of years as a spectator, I was keen to get a closer look at the paddock and to see the event from the view of the racers themselves. Unfortunately I don't hold the national license needed to compete at Aberdare - one for the future.

A friend of mine, Doctor John Hinds, was looking to borrow a 600cc bike to compete in that class. Travelling from Northern Ireland to compete at the event, John only had room for his Supermoto bike in the van which he was sharing with another Irish racer, Paul Gartland. I tentatively offered him the use of my GSX-R to race for the weekend. The fact they are called 'Team Cartwheel' didn't worry me too much!

I dropped the bike off on the Friday evening at the paddock and my first impression was 'mud'. The weather hadn't been kind in the days leading up to the races and the paddock area is a field. The races are held throughout Saturday and Sunday, with a break at lunchtime on Sunday to allow church services to be held without the noise of screaming motorbikes. There were different classes of bikes racing to suit everyone, up to my favourite, the 600cc Super Sport Class.

At Aberdare, the racing is close and there is no backing off at all; surprising, as the circuit is lined with many trees. It takes real balls to race around this place and my hat goes off to the guys who compete.

Thanks for reading. Ride safe.


The G-Up team would like to thank everyone who helped us to produce this issue, especially Aberaman Motorcycle Club. We really appreciate your support.

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