G-UP SEP 2011


Jonathan (Barry Island)
Publisher, testing, words
Mark Roberts
Design, art direction, words
Shaun Pope
Testing and words
Mark Johnson
Paul Sessions
Design, artwork, editing
Richard Bennewith
Website, forum and fishing Michael Higgins
Digital stuff


Welcome to the September edition of G-Up - the monthly electronic magazine from GearUp. Thanks for all your kind messages of encouragement. It seems you really appreciate our efforts and are enjoying the launch issue of GearUp magazine.
All 10,000 copies were picked up by bikers from several hundred outlets across South and West Wales.

In this issue we focus on the excellent West Wales Motorcycle show. GearUp headed along to the fifth annual show at the Camarthen Showground and, fortunately, the weather held out for the Sunday. Even with the less than certain weather there were still a record number of bikers and traders present.

There were various stunt shows organised throughout the day to entertain the many people attending and it was good to see lots of families coming along too. There was a good selection of clothing stalls and plenty of choices for food and drink.

We particularly liked the wall of death - sadly, there was no lion on show but it was entertaining nevertheless.

Also in this issue we follow up our Mum's Gone To Iceland feature from the launch issue of G-Up and, hopefully, that will inspire some of you to get out there and explore the world on your bikes.

Thanks for reading. Ride safe.


Everytime we go out on our bikes we meet interesting people with stories to tell and adventures that inspire. Over coming issues we'll try to bring you some of those that have inspired us but if you have a story we'd love to hear from you.


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