Just wanted to say something nice about Bevan's Motorcycles on Hadfield Road in Cardiff. Bevan's have a good range of new and second hand Triumph motorcycles in their showroom. There's even several Harleys near the front door, including a beautiful silver V-Rod.

Took my 1992 Triumph Trophy in for a chain checkover. Could have done it myself but wanted an expert opinion on wear and adjustment.

Chris Finch said the workshop/service was booked up for two weeks ahead (that says something) but said he'd take a look at it for me if I left it there.

One hour later... Chris calls to say the bike is ready. Service was full but he took time out and did it himself and charged me a quarter of an hour labour.

In these days of so called 'Rip Off Britain', it's good to see that there are still businesses out there that are honourable and go out of their way to look after customers.

Thanks Chris and thanks to Bevan's for looking after me.

Riding on and off-road for 30(ish) years
Currently riding a 1992 Triumph Trophy 900


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