Charmain 'Chamz' Watts
Suzuki K7 GSX-R 750

What was the first bike you ever rode?

Apart from doing my CBT, the first bike I owned was a Honda CBR125. I just decided I wanted to do my test and got some experience on the CBR first. It was a great bike and gave me the confidence to go ahead with my full test. I sold it to a girl who took it to Gozo in Malta where it's still being ridden today.

What are you riding at the moment?
I have a K7 Suzuki GSX-R750. The main reason I got the bike (apart from it being drop dead gorgeous!) was due to the narrow seat. Even though the seat height isn't that low the narrow seat enables me to touch the floor comfortably which is a big help with confidence. The engine also has a bit more power and torque compared to the 600 which makes it easier to ride without having to change gear all the time. It has an Akrapovic exhaust which sounds fantastic as well as Diamond rear sets and short levers.

What's your dream bike?

I'd love a Ducati 848 EVO in red with Termignoni exhausts. If only I had the money and the long legs for it.

What would be your two-wheeled trip of a lifetime?

I'd love to travel all over Africa. Having been to Rwanda, Uganda and Cameroon in the past I'd like to return on a bike, following the route taken by Ewan McGregor on The Long Way Down. If Charley Boorman wasn't busy I'd let him come along for the ride too! I've always loved Africa and getting to see it from 2 wheels would be a trip of a lifetime.

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