Bikers are creatures of habit - always looking for a destination, somewhere interesting to ride to and, preferably, with the reward of some decent food at the end of it. With the opening of The Little Blue Deli on Thompson Street in Barry there's one more on the list.

Owner and R1 rider Jonathan said, "I have been planning to open an informal eating place for years. I have always travelled a lot and have been lucky enough to visit cities all over the world. Wherever I go, eating is always a very important part of the trip and I have been able to gather up good ideas from all kinds of places. I wanted to create somewhere that felt special, somewhere with great food, beautiful design and a relaxed atmosphere."

"I believe we have achieved that in Barry. We cook nearly all of our food from basic raw ingredients in store. At the front of our store we bake cakes ready to eat, on the hour, every hour. There's nothing better than a freshly baked chocolate cake. We offer a full range of hot and cold meals from 7 in the morning until 7 at night. To add to the fun we have a selection of deli produce, chocolates and old fashioned sweets like pear drops and my favourite, pink foam shrimps!"

Of course being owned and run by bikers means The Little Blue Deli is biker friendly and even offers a free cake to the first biker through the door each day. Jonathan said, "I recently saw it referred to as the 'Rumble to the Crumble!' We all look forward to seeing who will be the first biker to arrive, so whenever you are in the area, call by and see us - you never know, you may be first!"


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