You'd be surprised how many bikers choose to ride without earplugs, in the process permanently damaging their hearing on every ride they take. It's not even the engine noise that does the damage, so you're at risk even if your bike has a quiet exhaust.

Here are some statistics for you to consider. At anything over 100 decibels your hearing can be permanently damaged by as little as an hour's exposure. Noise levels from even a quiet helmet can reach 103 decibels at legal speeds. If you like to press on a little, then that exposure time falls before damage occurs. Once you damage your hearing, it will never return. Do you ever get that ringing in your ears after a ride? That's a sign you have done damage to your hearing.

I've tried all of the different types of plugs over the years, and the ones I now wear every time without fail are Oxford Moldex sparkplug earplugs. Cheap, long lasting, comfortable and disposable - and as you can see they come in loads of funky colours. If you're still riding without earplugs then give them a go, it's a no-brainer.


These aren't gloves in the traditional sense. In fact Knox don't even call them gloves, instead preferring to use the term 'Hand Armour.' Straight away you can see these are different to traditional gloves.
The 'exoskeleton' on the back of the hand looks radical, claiming to offer added protection to the back of the hand. They move independently like exterior tendons and are by far the most eye catching feature.

The palm of the Handroid is made from supple kangaroo leather, vented on the tips of the fingers for extra cooling. Another feature is the Knox SPS system on the palm itself (Scaphoid Protection System). These are three plastic areas that slide when they contact the ground, protecting the scaphoid rather than allowing the palm to grip the ground on impact which can cause injury.

The wrist-securing system is also brand new, using Boa lacing technology which is backed by a lifetime warranty. The way they can be tightened to grip the wrist surpasses the velcro type on other gloves. It's obvious Knox has put a lot of thought into the design of these gloves and as well as being ultra protective they also look fantastic.

They're not cheap with an RRP of 159.99 but you certainly get a lot of technology for the money.


If only the best will do then you'll be after a pair of Pazzo levers. Made from billet aluminium they are the finest levers that money can buy. I've owned a pair of shorties from Pazzo in the past and, without a doubt, they are exquisite. The quality comes at a price - 139 for a pair isn't cheap. Now, however, there's a much cheaper alternative from

I ordered a pair of standard-length levers, although you can choose from stubby and flip-up style items. There is a huge range of colours to choose from and it's possible to customise them with coloured adjusters and even have a laser etched mark of your choice burned into them. Again, these levers are machined from high-quality 6061 billet aluminium.

The real selling point is the price - under 30 and postage is free. Mine arrived in about ten days from Hong Kong without any fuss at all. If you read reviews online you will see more of the same. Reliable, speedy service of a top quality product.

I can honestly say I would struggle to tell the difference between these and a pair of Pazzo's. No need to thank us, head off to treat yourself to a pair.


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