Cardiff-based photographer, Mark Johnson, has a passion for beautiful imagery. Whether it's people, places or products, it's all fuel for his creative fire. But one thing that gets Mark's mojo moving is photographing motorcycles.


Mark originally trained as a graphic designer before setting up his first photographic studio in Cardiff in the 1980s. Mark says, "My knowledge of graphic design gives me an excellent understanding of how to use space and layout and, ultimately, how to take a picture that shows off products, places and people to their best. I worked mainly in the field of editorial photography in the early years, and developed a great eye for a picture. I undertake every job personally, from idea development through to digital retouching and final editing, so I can maintain control of each image, which is then delivered to schedule. Because I work solely for myself, each job gets my personal attention and my clients like my honest and practical approach to work."

Mark is inspired by motorcycles, good food, great design, and excellent photography. To find out more about Mark and see more of his work, visit his website

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