Tuning is an expensive business. Power Commanders, aftermarket exhaust systems, dyno time. All of the above will quickly melt the credit card in the pursuit of a few extra horsepower.


Fear not. There is a quick and simple solution that will transform your bike without causing financial ruin. Changing your sprockets can have a drastic effect on the way your bike behaves. Acceleration, top speed and fuel economy can all be altered by using different-sized sprockets.

Fewer teeth on the front sprocket will increase acceleration. It's best to begin with one tooth less than standard, but with front sprockets starting at a tenner it's possible to experiment without breaking the bank.

A larger rear sprocket will also have the same effect and both can be changed to enhance acceleration. Even with small changes to gearing, the results will be immediately noticeable. A previously underpowered machine will feel faster and more eager to accelerate and will be more responsive to throttle input. More fun! If wheelies are your thing, then a bigger rear sprocket will help things along no end.

Quite the opposite is needed for offroad biased machines. Supermoto bikes and converted MotoCross machines are designed to deliver big power at low speeds. A larger front sprocket or smaller rear sprocket will increase top speed. This is a common modification made to machines originally designed for low-speed work such as Supermoto bikes. Fuel economy will also be improved. If you use a Supermoto bike for everyday use where you occasionally need to travel on A roads or motorways, higher gearing is a must-have mod.

A word of warning though. Changing your gearing will have an effect on your speedo, making it over/under-read slightly depending on how many teeth you alter on your sprockets. A Speedo Healer will fix this and keep your speedometer readings accurate.

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