Most riders' misconception of trackdays is "you have to be fast
to do a trackday!" With dedicated groups for beginners and free tuition available, being fast simply isn't on the list of requirements! We tagged along to the latest Riders Motorcycles Trackday on 6th May. More pics and info on our Facebook.

Trackday Llandow Circuit

Michael Higgins
Triumph Street Triple R

The trackday is a completely different experience to riding on the road. I started off nervous of dropping the bike and doubted my abilities at speed. The first few sessions I was hitting the corners slowly and braking very early but I think this was due to being unfamiliar with the bike. By afternoon I realised I could brake much later in the corners and really throw the bike in to the corners and it would just stick there firmly planted.

I realise now that if I misread a corner on the road and it tucks away or I am required to take evasive action I know just how capable the bike is at turning. Furthermore I have confidence in the brakes' stopping power.

In my opinion the best way to learn about your bike is to take it to the track where you will thoroughly enjoy yourself whilst learning about its capabilities above and beyond what's required on the road. 


Trackday Llandow Circuit
Charmain Watts
Suzuki K7 GSX-R 750

I did a trackday at Pembrey last year on a 400cc bike and I've been looking forward to taking my GSX-R on the track as that is what it was designed to do. I booked into the Novice group as I've not been to Llandow before so I could familiarise myself with the track.

My weakest point is cornering and I find that having a relatively safe environment to practice cornering is the main reason why I chose to do another trackday - it really helps with my confidence. I was the only girl on track but I encourage others to take it up as it's not intimidating in the slightest. Trackdays have been a massive benefit to my riding as a whole and have helped me understand how capable the bike and tyres really are.

It was also a great help having people around who knew about tyre pressures and bike setup. They tweaked the GSX-R until it was just right for me and set the tyres to the correct pressures for track riding. I had a brilliant day and can't wait to do another one soon - they really are loads of fun!


Trackday Llandow Circuit
Shaun Pope
Suzuki GSX-R600

I've done plenty of trackdays over the last couple of years but never made my way to Llandow which seems odd as it's the most local track to me.

I booked a place in the advanced group as I was there partly to have fun on track, but also to setup my GSX-R600 for a North Gloucester race meeting at Pembrey the following week. I made a promise to myself, "Do not crash! It's just a trackday!" Unfortunately I got a bit carried away later in the afternoon pushing for faster and faster lap times. Whilst exiting the bus stop section I high sided the bike and ended up having a lie down on the grass for a few minutes... or so I'm told, as I remember very little about what happened due to a bump on the head.

Fortunately the bike was relatively undamaged but I managed to break a rib and did a fair bit of damage to my hip on my short flight towards the tarmac, ending my hopes of competing the following week. As long as you don't get carried away trackdays are relatively safe environments to enjoy bikes to their full potential. Llandow is a relatively short lap and I would recommend it to novices as learning the sequence of corners isn't too tricky.


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