I have very fond memories of my DT250.
It was the bike I passed my test on.

I passed my motorcycle test first time. I had to really. My mate Ian and I had bought tickets for a concert at the Milton Keynes bowl which was about ten days after my test date. If I didn't pass, we wouldn't be going and, in those days, there wasn't eBay so we would have been stuck with two unsaleable and costly tickets.

As it turned out, the test was a piece of cake and plans to head to the mythical town of Milton Keynes was put into action. The L plates were binned and I was now accepting pillion passengers (very handy for girlfriends later).

We set off two days before and booked into a camp site. The following day we thought we'd locate The Bowl so we wouldn't get caught out on concert day so we set off through many, many roundabouts until we found the gates - which were open! No guards, no security, no cctv, nothing... so we rode in - right up to the back of the stage.

We parked up, took our helmets off and heard some distictive but unfamilar songs coming from the stage. We walked around the front and who was rehearsing? The Police. We sat on the grass not twenty yards away while they rehearsed their new set which just happened to be never before heard songs from their Zenyatta Mondatta album.

The following day (the day of the festival), the weather took a turn for the worse and it rained virtually on and off all day but our spirits weren't dampened. We were treated to brilliant performances from UB40, Squeeze, several other bands and, ultimately, The Police. This was a brilliant concert - I still have the muddy programme and great memories..

A brilliant weekend made possible by a super reliable Yamaha DT250MX.

Currently creating all new memories on a 1992 Triumph Trophy 900


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