We are a small team of motorcycle enthusiasts who just happened to bump into each other and thought it would be a good idea to produce a regional motorcycle magazine.

Why? Because we just felt a little detached from the national mags. Don't get us wrong we love reading them - we just wanted something a little closer to home.

We're all professionals - we all have other jobs and are producing GearUp magazine in between the other things we do for a living. This really is a labour of love.

We're not technical geniuses, we're not the best riders in the world, but we are passionate about motorcycling.

We all like riding on the road. One of us races. One of us likes custom bikes. Two of us like riding off-road and all four of us like to explore the world on two wheels.

It's our shared passion for motorcycling that, we hope, will translate into a great magazine; one that with our very best efforts will be interesting enough that you'll want read and also contribute to.

We'll be out and about at events over the next year so, if you bump into us, please say hello. We want to hear your stories, see your photos and share your dreams.

Thanks for reading.


If you have any comments (positive) or suggestions on how we can improve the magazine or website, please get in touch. We want to hear your views, they're important to us.

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