Reading The Independent today, I was a little chuffed to come across a piece about yesterday's Moto GP. Frankly any coverage in the nationals (let alone the broadsheets) is welcome but I couldn't help thinking that they'd missed the point.

There were complimentary paragraphs about Stoner and how he's running away with the Moto GP title (which he isn't - there are twelve rounds to go) and how Valentino Rossi's Ducati crew can't get that front tyre to heat up short of leaving the tyre warmers on for the whole race.

Very little, if anything was devoted to what I thought was the story of the weekend... our own Bradley Smith's superb ride from 28th on the grid to finishing 2nd behind Bradl in Moto2.

What is it with the British press? Pages and pages devoted to football but the British Grand Prix at Silverstone gets a pathetic two columns. Perhaps if Bradley had propositioned one of the Tech3 secretaries or had fiddled his expenses or, god forbid, had failed (yet again) to make it to the final of some obscure tennis tournament then he might have had a chance.

But no, it'll take more than that Bradley. You'll have to do all of the above, win by 30 seconds next time and conduct your post race interview at the epicentre of a huge earthquake - then, and only then, will you be really newsworthy.

Until hell freezes over, well done Bradley - GearUp magazine salutes you.

Bradley Smith, Tech3, Moto2, Silverstone. Courtesy of Tech3. All rights reserved.

Mark R
Currently riding a 1992 Triumph Trophy 900


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